Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Face Recognition System Myth Vs Reality

Ever thought about a Face recognition System that can recognize each and every face , from any angle and from any distance or from any noisy video frames?. You might have seen that in some fictions. But that fact is that you will never be able to achieve it in practice.

You might one day able to achieve detection rate as close to 100% but not fully 100%.

If you take any system for that matter (Not only face recognition system ) , you can see , you will not be be able to achieve it 100%.

For Example

1. There is no ideal 100% efficient heat engine .
2. You cannot attain absolute zero temperature.
3. There is no 100% parallel computing machine..
4. There is no perfect conductor or insulator
5. For every Policies created there will be side effects.
6. And the list continues... in every field .. in every sector ...

We, the humans need to Engineer things based on the Strengths and limitations of Science and Technology keeping an eye on financial aspects to create a better world.

A Face recognition system is no more an exception to this rule.  We @ KTS are trying to implement a Face Recognition Library SDK within the limitation imposed by nature. We hope our R&D Engineers can very soon produce reasonably accurate face detection results using the SDK Library in the future.  

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