Thursday, April 17, 2014

KTS MoneyCare + Ver 4.0 Personal Finance Software Released

We are Happy to announce the new version release of our Popular Personal Finance software KTS MoneyCare + Ver 4.0 .

In this Release We have developed an option/feature to generate custom reports from a set of simple Income and expense entries. You can see this option/feature from Menu "Report => Custom Report" . With this report feature, you will be able to generate any type of custom reports. The custom report includes options to even generate profit and loss statements, balance sheet , other customized reports etc.

With this custom report feature we believe you don't need to be an account practitioner/specialist to generate all type of custom accounting reports.

Say goodbye to all Complex Accounting Software in the Market.. Use KTS MoneyCare + and feel the simplicity.

An accounting software cannot be made simpler than KTS MoneyCare +.

Try it free for 25 days , no credit card needed, no obligations . After 25 days , you can still use it but with reduced Report functionality .

For more details visit the link below

MoneyCare + Product Website

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Watch Some of the MoneyCare + Video Tutorials from the Link below

Company Website

Coming Soon: MoneyCare + Personal Finance Software For Android Phones ...      

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