Thursday, April 3, 2014

Raspberry PI based True Digital Signage Player

After 1 year of Research and Development Effort , engineers at KTS InfoTech have successfully  developed a true world class Raspberry PI based Digital signage Player that can simultaneously display text, image, video, RSS etc.

This is the first of its kind that can display simultaneously text, images , videos and other formats on the same screen based on Raspberry PI Platform.

Raspberry PI is a Linux based small credit sized computer that can even play even HD Video . In Fact this is one of the worlds cheapest small sized computer available as of now (2014).    

The Signage Player also integrates seamlessly with the existing Digital Signage Technology developed by KTS under the brand name "KTS InfoMate". This means that all the remote controlling functionality available in the Management application framework like Shut Down, Restart, Set URL, System Status Information, Content Management is already compatible with the new Palyer .

The new technology developed make heavy use of GPU graphics technology available in PI as well as HTTP/XML based communication transport mechanism. The open standard HTTP/XML based communication mechanism also ensures that , it can be interfaced with other technologies / products easily to develop solutions faster.

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