Sunday, June 15, 2014

Digital Signage Software for Front Office 

In this Information Technology Age,  a digital signage is a need at your front office to display your organization details, your unique service, specialties of your service, new announcements etc. Front office is the place where a person first enters and he will form first impression about the Organization from the arrangement as well as displays in the area.Whatever information you need to convey to your customer or a visitor can be displayed effectively using the digital notice board/digital signage. It can be controlled very easily and can be remotely managed if you use some good digital signage software like KTS InfoMate. The Free and Lite Edition of the InfoMate software is ideal for the front office needs.  

Free edition of the software is ideal if you have very few images and Text that needs to be displayed one after another and the frequency of updation of of the Signage contents is less. With Free Edition Software you can Export and update the signage contents using a pen drive (semi automatic mode)  .

Lite Edition of the Software is ideal if you have lot of contents to display including text , image, video , Playlist etc and the Frequency of Updation is high. With Lite Edition of the Software, you will be able to update the Digital Signage contents form your Laptop over a network and you dont need to physically go to the Signage Display Location.

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Our Signage Software Supports any Type of Display Hardware (LED TV , LCD TV, Plasma Panel CRT TV, etc ) and the Software is compatible with Windows , Linux as well as Android.
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Art of Computer Simulation
Developing a new device with minimal investment (in terms of effort and money) is always a companies / research organizations dream. But in practice, this may not be the case. Most of the time Organizations are spending Millions of US Dollars to produce a meaningful outcome form the research works.

This is where the role of computer simulation is coming into picture. In theory simulation is the development of a mathematical model of the identified system which can be used by the computer programs to visualize the various effects on the system based on the physical parameter variations. This essentially means that a simulation expert should not only be a good computer programmer , but who is also a domain expert in his own filed where he wants to simulate the problem under consideration.

If you are looking for a Company who is having Software Simulation expertise , then KTS InfoTech might be able to help you in realizing your Technical Simulation Requirements. KTS InfoTech with their rare expertise in Science , Technology , Engineering ,Mathematics and in Computer Programming can become handy in developing solutions to the Simulation Problems.

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