Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Software Solutions

In this 21st century , providing solutions to some of the complicated problems like AIDS ,Ebola Virus Vaccines, Medical Imaging, Bio-Medical Instrument design, Engineering Design, Space Missions, Simulation etc requires Domain knowledge in not just in one area, but needs knowledge in several areas. The field of STEM Software exactly address this solution.

The solution starts by developing a mathematical model derived from fundamental Principles based on the defined boundary conditions .  Once the mathematical model is in place, appropriate software tools and technologies are selected to implement the solutions based on the requirements. Sometimes the solution involves computationally intensive calculations which might require multiple processors to work in parallel to achieve the desired results.

KTS with their deep knowledge in Science , Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) can give a real helping hand in this area . KTS has already developed several STEM software solutions to other customers around the globe. The solutions includes Simulation software, Engineering Software Solutions , Artificial Intelligence Solutions, Object Tracking Solutions  etc.

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