Monday, September 25, 2017

India's First GST Billing & Sales Software with "Plugin Technology" Support | SalesMate + | Released

Building a GST Billing and Sales Software Product which suits to each Indian customer's requirement is every Companies dream. But in practice this may not be the case. This is because each Business might have its own Unique Requirements that may not be able to address it using a General Purpose POS Software. When these sort of situation arises , the customer might contact the software vendor for modifications in the software. The Vendor might give the customer a Development Plan and an Estimate which may not be acceptable to Customer. The reason might be the the modification cost or other aspects in the agreement.  Worse will be the situation if the customer want to implement a business strategy in the GST Software which he don't want to disclose to anybody including the Software Vendor.This is where the Software with Plugin Technology Support wins over other Software Packages.  

What is Plugin Technology ?

A plugin (or sometimes called Plug-in, add-in, addin, add-on, addon, or extension) is a software component (in the form of DLL file) that adds a specific feature to an existing computer program. When a program supports Plug-ins, it enables customization. The customization can be achieved using the Software Development Kit (SDK) supplied by the Vendor. For instance, KTS InfoTech , the developers of SalesMate + | GST Billing and Sales Software , ships with a Software Development Kit (SDK) to customize and add more features to the software by developing Plugins using programming languages like VC++ , C#.NET or VB.NET. See the Picture below on how SalesMate + SDK will help you to achieve development of Plugin for your requirements.  

Plugin Technology as such is not a new technology in the market, but this is a Tested and Proven Software Engineering Architecture & Technology Framework which you can find it in other Popular Software Packages like MS Office , Adobe Photoshop etc. However this technology support is New to GST Billing and Sales Software in India. Even the Popular Billing and Accounting Software Packages in India have very Limited Extensibility support using their own scripting language and not providing Plugin Technology Support in their Software. This makes SalesMate + one of True Indian GST Billing Sales Software Package to rely upon so that we can add new features as well as modify existing Screens in SalesMate + using the SDK Provided.

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