Thursday, July 25, 2019

Cost Effective and Flexible Pricing Plan Strategies for PC Based Software using Smart Client Technology


Building a Software Product and Delivering it in a cost effective way without compromising on the quality, features and support and profit is every customers as well as companies dream.  But in practice this may not be the case .  This is because when we have lot of features in a PC Software , the cost production is high , so naturally the companies need to charge high as the companies don't have any other option in the traditional way.  Also the maintenance cost of the PC based software is also high as the companies needs to release software updates as and when it is necessary which needs to be installed in the customers PC.  But PC based Software like a GST Billing Software has its own advantages like faster response, data security, easy hardware integration to peripherals like bar code scanner, printer etc. 

Web based applications software has its own advantages like easy maintenance and feature addition, flexible licensing models etc. But in order for a web based POS application to work , the software needs to connect to the internet. If there is no internet connectivity , then the software will not work. Interfacing hardware peripherals like bar code, pole display will be another problem and will be a pain if the POS software is web based. Also in a web based application , the data is in the cloud which raises security concerns.

Desktop based POS Application on the other hand will be able to work without internet connectivity and will be easy to integrate with the POS Hardware as the software is locally installed in the PC and can access the hardware easily.  But Desktop based application also hit with severe drawback like application maintenance and updates , flexible licensing etc.

It is obvious that if we can combine the best features of PC based as well as Web based application , then that will be ideal solution for the Software Applications like GST Billing Software.  This is where Smart Client Technology is Coming into Picture. 

What is Smart Client Technology?
A smart client incorporates the best features of Desktop and Web Application Technology to provide the best user experience using Web Service Technology. For example Smart Client Technology effectively address issues like Automatic updates, flexible licensing model etc in a PC Based GST Billing Software like SalesMate +  so that the customer will be provided with the best possible features from both PC and Web worlds.  The flexible licensing models include One Time , Monthly Subscription and other licensing options.

In short Smart Client Technology can deliver cost effective solutions to customers without compromising on  the quality , features , support and company profit.  

For Smart Client based Product Case Study : Visit SalesMate Plus | GST Billing Software Web site

If you want to extend your existing Software to incorporate or add additional licensing options like One Time License, Subscriptions Based Licensing, Date based licensing etc using the Smart Client Licensing Technology Developed By KTS InfoTech, contact KTS InfoTech through our web page below. One of our representative will be in touch with you soon.