Sunday, June 7, 2015

We Got The TOP RATED Status on IT Outsourcing Site

Getting Top Rated status after competing with thousands of IT Companies and more than 10 million IT Professionals all around the world in the Popular IT Outsourcing site  is a big dream. But it is a reality now for KTS Team... We have done exactly that and consistently delivered all the Projects which we have undertaken from IT Outsourcing site and that too with 100% customer satisfaction for which we have been awarded the TOP RATED Status.  As of  June 8 2016 we are TOP RATED with 100% Job success on . We are happy to share a recent snapshot from below with the TOP RATED Badge .

We hope we can maintain this delivery track record on Upwork consistently in all the future contracts.

If you have a Project idea/spec and want to discuss its details with us , simply fill up the form from the link below.. We are more than happy to assist you...

KTS Team